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We at AMLAP Source Inc. offer quality and environmentally safe road maintenance products. Our de-icers (in pellet or liquid form) offer a practical alternative to salts which can be harmful, as well liquid de-icers are one of the fastest growing changes to Municipal Operations in North America. Our dust control products also offer astonishing benefits both in health and safety aspects. Please view our line of road products for further details.

We provide up to date MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and TDS (Technical Data Sheet) with each order.

Product Line:

Product # Description
A-205DR-5     Dust Mag Liquid
Eliminates dust on unpaved surfaces, reduces maintenance and improves drainage, vehicle safety and road side health conditions. It is also used on unimproved roads for surface stability and dust control. Safe for race track, animal arenas and stables. 50GL DR
A-1BC-BG-5 Dust Mag Flake
Eliminates dust on unpaved surfaces, reduces maintenance and improves drainage, vehicle safety, and road side health conditions. It is a cost-effective dust control agent that works better, faster and more safely than other dust control products, completely environmentally friendly. 30lbs PL, 2205lbs Totes
A-205DR-5 Melt Away Super De-Icer (Liquid)
Anti-icing � apply to the road surface before a storm to prevent a hard bond of ice, reduce snow buildup and speed snow and ice buildup. Apply to remove a thin layer of snowpack or ice already on the road, very effective for melting black ice and freezing rain. 50GAL DR
A-136-PA-5 Melt Away Super De-Icer � Pellets (Pail)
A-226-BG-5 Melt Away Super De-Icer � Pellets (Tote)
Will melt effectively down to -25 degrees C, well below most other de-icers. Substantially less toxic than many other common ice melters, a form of this product is used as a mineral supplement in some animal feed. No residue and no fillers means nothing is left in the spring to clean up. 30LB PL, 2205LB Totes
A-787-5 Driveway Sealer
A latex based sealer for all types of asphalt surfaces. Forms a water resistant topcoat and restores asphalt to original dark color. 5GAL PL, 45 GAL DR
A-9020-5 Grey Sealer
An acrylic-based floor sealer with grey pigment added for durability. Easy to apply and resist most solvent spills. 5 GAL PL, 45 GAL DR
A-020PA-5 PPR Asphalt Patch
A very ease to work with patching compound, ready for traffic, after 20 minutes. 45LB PL
A-2000C-5 PPR Concrete Patch
An excellent, easy to use, patching compound that is stronger than the original concrete, ready for traffic in 45 minutes. 50LB PL
A-4004-5 Super Seal
An acrylic based concrete sealer that is economical and easy to use to seal and protect all types of concrete surfaces. Also available in a matte finish. 5 GAL PL, 45 GAL DR
A-ICE2055-5 Ice Slicer 2000
A blended de-icer with 30% magnesium chloride for the treatment of sand or salt stockpiles. 45 GAL DR
Asphalt Repair This top of the line asphalt repair compound will provide high quality results in minutes. It is excellent for repairing potholes and wide cracks. IAR can be applied in any weather (hot, cold, wet, dry), and the area may be open to traffic immediately. IAR is the only cold apply patch guaranteed to remain to remain in the pothole for the life of the existing pavement. 5 GAL PL, 45 GAL DR
Pro-Patch Our new grade of asphalt patch available in bags. Pro-Patch offers the benefits of IAR with a coarser grade of aggregate. Perfect for contractors who are making repairs to large areas where heavy traffic is involved. 5 GAL PL, 45 GAL DR
Asphalt Base Sealer Asphalt Base Sealer is a superior grade of asphalt cutback ideally suited for all residential and industrial paved surfaces. Asphalt Base Sealer retains high expansion and contraction, even at low temperatures thus eliminating the “checking� or “alligator cracking� associated with other types of sealers. It contains special oils that actually help rejuvenate pavement surfaces. Asphalt Base Sealer is recommended for use on driveways, parking lots, runways or any type of pavement surfaces where a fresh new look of rejuvenation is required. Should be spray applied. 5 GAL PL, 45 GAL DR
Crack Filler Our rubberized electrometric crack filler has been engineered to offer you a simple means of repairing asphalt cracks up to half an inch. It is suitable for use on all types of asphalt, and is available in jugs with reversible pour spouts. 5 GAL PL, 45 GAL DR
Concrete Rapid Road Repair Rapid Road Repair is a quick hardening mortar designed for concrete repairs. It contains glass fibers for improved flexural performance, providing a permanent repair. The repaired area may be open to traffic in under one hour. 5 GAL PL, 45 GAL DR
Latex Sidewalk Resurfacer This is a two part material used for patching and smoothing concrete and masonry surfaces where feather edging is required. Latex Sidewalk Resurfacer can be used on interior or exterior surfaces. Ready to use and easy to apply rejuvenator for pitted and spalled concrete surfaces. 5 GAL PL, 45 GAL DR


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