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Janitorial Supplies

At AMLAP Source Inc. we provide quality and cost effective products and our janitorial supplies are no exception. Below we have listed just a few of the main products to meet all of your cleaning and supply needs. Please feel free to look under the Facilities section or General Industry to see a complete range of products.

A-6152-5 Super Orange Citrus Cleaner/Degreaser
An all natural citrus extract cleaner and deodorizer which is designed for a multitude of industrial and institutional applications. 5GAL PL, 45GAL PL

A-6135-5 Heavy Duty Pine
A cleaner and deodorizer designed for all types of cleaning jobs. Pleasant pine odour. 4 x 4L CS, 20L PL

A-6168-5 All Clean Neural Cleaner
Concentrated cleaner that does not affect floor polish shine, use also on all types of floors, walls and etc. 4 x 4L CS, 20L PL, 210L DR

A-6348-5 C-Thru Glass Cleaner
A non-streaking glass cleaner that penetrates and dissolves deposits of dirt and film on glass and mirror surfaces. 5 GAL PL, 45 GAL DR

A-6903-5 Stainless Steel Cleaner
Restores original lustre to all metal surfaces. Cleans and polishes while resisting smear and fingerprints. 12 x 20 OZ, 397 GR

A-6950-5 Polisher Lemon Furniture Polish
Cleans, dusts and shines in one application using a lemon oil with wax & silicone. (360 degree valve). 12 x 20 oz, 539 GR

A-6190-5 One-23% Bowl Cleaner
Cleans Urinals, toilets bowls, traps and porcelain surfaces. 23% Hydrochloric acid. 12 x 1L CS, 4 x 4L CS

A-7838-5 Neutral Air Deodorizer and Eliminator Orange
Air freshener will blast away while leaving a long lasting and refreshing smell. CASES

A-6441-5 Wipe Out Gel Vandalism Remover
Will cling to surfaces to effectively remove graffiti from porous and non-porous areas. 12 X 20 oz, 483 GR

A-6430-5 Royal Pearl
Pink pearlized hand soap that cleans right down to the pores. Mild and gentle, leaves a pleasant fruity fragrance. 4 x 4L CS, 20L PL

Extra strength heavy duty garbage bags (available in various bag sizes). CASES

Bathroom tissue (available in small and large rolls). CASES

Paper Towel (rolls and single fold available). CASES

Facial Tissue. CASES

Gloves (Latex, vinyl, multi-use available). CASES

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