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We at AMLAP Source Inc. offer highly concentrated and environmentally safe products to suit all of your facility needs. With consultants and representatives throughout Canada with 25 plus years experience we are sure to meet your customer service needs. Please browse our brochure and feel free to contact us with any questions.

We provide up to date MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and TDS (Technical Data Sheet) with each order.

Carpet Products
Product # Description
A-6365-5     Foam Away (Carpets)
For eliminating excess foam in recovery tanks and wet pick-up vacuums. 4 x 4L CS, 20L PL
A-6352-5 Rug Master
Concentrated Shampoo that penetrates deeply and quickly removing dirt and stains, restoring carpets and upholstery to their original odour. 4 x 4L CS, 20L PL
A-6360-5 Steam Master
Concentrated controlled foam for use in carpet extraction machine operations. 4 x 4L CS, 20L PL

Glass Cleaners
Product # Description
A-6912-5 C-Kleer Glass Cleaner
Foaming glass cleaner that leaves no streaks or residue. 10 x 20 OZ
A-6348-5 C-Thru Glass Cleaner
A non-streaking glass cleaner that penetrates and dissolves deposits of dirt and film on glass and mirror surfaces. 5 GAL PL, 45 GAL DR

Kitchen Products
Product # Description
A-6322-5 Automatic (Liquid Machine Dishwash)
A tough industrial strength machine dishwash developed for washing pots, pans, dishes and glassware. As a non-foaming detergent, it maximizes the dishwasher’s operational efficiently. 4 x 4L CS, 20L PL
A-6326-5 Executive (Griddle & Fryer Cleaner)
A heavy duty product that is used to clean baked on carbon and grease from ovens, grills, barbeques and baking pans. Easy to use. Do not use on aluminum surfaces. 4 x 4L CS, 20L PL
A- 2104-5 Foam Away (Kitchen)
Concentrated all-purpose disinfectant and deodorizer. Eliminates Staph, Salmonella, Pseudomonas and HIV-1 on hard surfaces. A foaming cleanser that is non-abrasive. Powerful and effective, is recommended for use in hospitals, restaurants, schools, hotels, etc. 5 GAL PL, 45 GAL DR
A-6926-5 Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner
Heavy clinging, long-lasting, self-cleaning foam. Caustic cleaner removes baked on assemblies. 12 x 20 oz, 510 GR
A-7817-5 Lift Off Extra
A-7817F-5 Lift Off Extra Food Safe Cleaner
A multi-purpose cleaner/degreaser that is highly concentrated and may be diluted down to 70:1 when used in pressure washers. Approved by agriculture Canada for use in food preparation areas such as kitchens, cafeterias and any type of food processing facility. 5GAL PL, 45GAL DR
A-6903-5 Sani Dish
A quaternary sanitizer for eating and drinking utensils. CASES, PL
A-4462-5 Super Auto Dish
A super concentrated machine dishwashing liquid. It cleans dishes, glasses and other eating utensils rapidly and efficiently. Liquid has greater wetting and penetrating properties, removes grease and rinses freely and quickly. CASES, 5 GAL PL
A-4462-5R Super 2 N 1 Auto Rinse
Eliminates water spots, films and streaks from glassware, dishes, plastic trays and silverware. Fast drying assured. CASES, 5 GAL PL

Washroom Cleaners
Product # Description
A-6190-5 One-23% Bowl Cleaner
Cleans Urinals, toilets bowls, traps and porcelain surfaces. 23% Hydrochloric acid. 12 x 1L CS, 4 x 4L CS
A-6240-5 Scrub Eze
Heavy duty bathroom cleaner, to be used on ceramic porcelain and grout. 12 x 1L CS, 4 x 4L CS

Product # Description
A-7823-5 Challenger 1 � Super Quat
A concentrated quaternary disinfectant for use in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and food preparation areas. Destroys most bacteria related to food poisoning (Salmonella, E-coli, etc.). 5GAL PL, 45GAL DR
A-6933-5 Extreme Apple
Air freshener will blast away while leaving a long lasting and refreshing smell. CASES
A-6930-5 Lemon Tart
Air freshener will blast away while leaving a long lasting and refreshing smell. CASES
A-7838-5 Neutral Air Deodorizer and Eliminator Pine
Air freshener will blast away while leaving a long lasting and refreshing smell. CASES
A-6934-5 Vanilla Odour neutralizer
Air freshener will blast away while leaving a long lasting and refreshing smell. CASES
A-6903-5 Stainless Steel Cleaner
Restores original lustre to all metal surfaces. Cleans and polishes while resisting smear and fingerprints. 12 x 20 OZ, 397 GR
A-9022-5 Envirogreen Tile & Grout Cleaner
A safe, efficient and totally biodegradable product designed to remove soap film and hard water scale from all tile and grout surfaces, as well as fight mildew and deodorize. CASES, 5 GAL PL, 45 GAL DR
A-8273-5 Blow Clean
An aerosol spray for removing dust from computer keyboards, printed circuit boards and electrical panels. Leaves no residue. CASES
A-2219-5 Contact Cleaner
Ideal for removing grease or dirt from sensitive electronic, television and telephone equipment. Non-flammable and non-toxic. CASES
A-6901-5 Foaming Germicidal Cleaner
An effective cleaner disinfecting deodorant used on hard surfaces in places such as food processing plants, hospitals etc. Kills staphylococcus aureus, salmonella choleraesuis and pseudomonas aeruginosa. CASES, 5 GAL PL, 45 GAL DR
A-6950-5 Polisher Lemon Furniture Polish
Cleans, dusts and shines in one application using a lemon oil with wax & silicone. (360 degree valve). 12 x 20 oz, 539 GR
A-6441-5 Wipe Out � Gel Vandalism Remover
Will cling to surfaces to effectively remove graffiti from porous and non-porous areas. 12 X 20 oz, 483 GR

Hand Cleaners
Product # Description
A-6430-5 Royal Pearl
Pink pearlized hand soap that cleans right down to the pores. Mild and gentle, leaves a pleasant fruity fragrance. 4 x 4L CS, 20L PL
A-6420-5 Victory Hand Soap
Economical and it works! A beautiful lathering hand soap that leaves hands soft and smooth. 4 x 4L CS, 20L PL


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