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We provide up to date MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and TDS (Technical Data Sheet) with each order.

Drain/Grease Traps

Product # Description
A-0021C-5     Canndure Odour Check
The most effective product on the market today for controlling organic odors. For use in lagoons, marine holding tanks, RV holding tanks, railroad holding tanks, port-a-potties, or anywhere organic waste accumulates, also effective in machines coolant sumps. 5GAL PL, 45 GAL DR
A-6270-5 Liquid Swarm (Can-dure)
A biological liquid that will handle grease and organic waste problems in all types of systems. Controls odours. 4 x 4L CS, 20L PL, 45GAL DR
A-6274-5 Powder Swarm
Cleans, maintains and deodorizes drains, grease traps, septic systems, waste disposal plants and lagoons. 20KG PL
A-6290-5 Royal Shot
Acid based drain opener with an odour blanket. (Inhibited) 12 x 454ml
A-SHL311-5 Scale It
A clear, colourless liquid formulated for the removal of the buildup of hard water and lime deposits on iron, stainless steel, copper or aluminum drainage and processing lines, water meters etc. 5 GAL PL, 45 GAL DR
A-6278-5 Thunder (Granular Drain Opener)
To open, clean and prevent blockages and clogging in municipal sewer lines, meat packaging and food processing plants. 20KG PL
A-4867-5 TKO Drain Opener
A very powerful alkali drain opener used both as a drain problem solver as well as a preventative agent. 50 LB PL, 450 LB DR


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