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We have representatives/offices in the following areas:    
Mississauga, Ottawa, Kitchener, Winnipeg, Regina, Halifax & Vancouver 

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We at AMLAP Source Inc. are proud to have an exclusive selection of highly concentrated Automotive products. Should you require a customized formula to meet a specific need please contact us so we can discuss it.

We provide up to date MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and TDS (Technical Data Sheet) with each order.


Product # Description
A-6461-5     Liquid Blast (Pressure Spray Truck Wash)
Heavy duty liquid vehicle wash. Very effective in removing heavy soils, grease and road films from surfaces of trucks, trailers and buses.
4 x 4K CS, 20L PL
A-6441-5 Handy Car Wash and Wax
Super concentrated detergents providing suds for a thorough excellent removal of soil, dirt, road film and grease with minimum effort. Leaves the auto surface shiny and bright. No streaking on car, glass or chrome.
A-7842W-5 Super Truck and Car Wash with Wax
A powerful automotive cleaner with added wax, for use in automatic car washes. Dries to a sparkling finish.
A-6902-5 Safety Solvent-Aerosol
Motor and equipment cleaner that works quick and easy.
12 x 20 oz, 539 GR

Airline Lubricants

  • Airlube 10NM (winter non misting) - 5GAL PL 
  • Airlube 32NM (non misting) - 45GL DR 
  • D-Ice (De-Icing fluid)

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